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Quality Film

April 12, 2013   

Every now and then I find myself with odd hours—periods of free time that are not full of various commitments like homework, modeling for a photo project or making quick sojourns into Clinton for lottery tickets.  Most of these moments are stolen half hours at the end of the night, when I’ve finished my work just ahead of schedule.  However, every now and then, a lazy afternoon rolls around that is completely unobligated.  I look to my syllabi and realize there is nothing to prepare for—no gigantic reading to get ahead on, no looming essay deadline... I am completely free.  These afternoons are the perfect opportunity to watch a few quality films.

Movie viewing isn’t just a habit on the Hill, it’s a way of life, an expectation.  My friends constantly offer up various must-see pictures—most recently: Gallipoli and Shutter Island.  But the story does not end there.  A few days later these titles will creep back into conversation.  Then, someone will ask if I found the time to see them; if I say, “no,” the most common response is, “better get on that, Pfander.”  If I say “yes” we immediately launch into a lengthy discussion of endings, beginnings, soundtracks and the most subtle, practically imperceptible plot turns.  Hamilton students cannot help but overanalyze.

Many of my spare hours are spent on Netflix—but I don’t believe I am wasting time.  Rather, I am honing a valuable skill: staying informed of the current social scene.  My peers speak their own peculiar language, and I must keep up with the jargon or fall into misunderstanding and confusion.

For example, at dinner this evening, one of my good friends, David Freeman ’16, stood behind me and shouted: “Pfander!  Lock it up!”

Utterly confused, I replied, “Excuse me?”

Freeman continued to shout, “Lock it up!”

After about 20 minutes of this, he told me to watch Wedding Crashers; then I would understand.