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Accepted Students Day

April 17, 2013   

I left my dorm shortly before 9 a.m. Monday and noticed the Hill was unusually energetic and vibrant.  Most school weeks enjoy a quiet, lazy start as students sleep in and long for their weekends back.  The groggy walk to my Monday morning class is often marked by silent halls and still doorways—not so this past Monday.  As I headed out onto Martin’s Way, I was met with countless smiling, eager faces running to and fro.  There could be no mistake: it was Accepted Students Day.

Having a sea of new faces on campus energized the Hamilton student body, to say the least.  Each accepted student overflowed with promise and excitement.  Undoubtedly, they were all eager to be done with the college process, to finally make the all-important decision.  As they leafed through admissions documents, scouring lists of sample courses and student organizations, I could not help but get excited about next year.  Each new face offered new, untapped potential—I wonder how this new class will shape the Hamilton community. 

During Ttack practice that afternoon, the first-years on the team reminisced about our own Accepted Students Day one year ago.  We were all so nervous but desperately wanted to make good first impressions on our new classmates.  I remember putting on my best blazer and a new pair of Ray-Bans—the picture of cool, calm and collected.  My style had to speak for itself, because anxiety welled in my throat.

Accepted Students Day was an important factor in my decision to come to Hamilton.  The campus was warm and welcoming, the students and faculty were quick, witty and above all, nice.  It seemed Hamilton was as eager to have me as I was eager to attend.  One year later, I try to give the newest members of our community the same experience.