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Checking in

February 29, 2012   

So, my time in DC has proceeded business as usual, so to speak, with my internship continuing smoothly and gaining ever more familiarity with this great city. With February coming to a close, the weather has been getting noticeably milder and soon it'll be spring. Granted, the DC winter is nothing compared to that of Clinton, but I certainly won't compain when spring truly arrives, including my first witnessing of the cherry blossoms. But now, for a brief recap of the past week and a half or so (I know, I know, it's been a while since I updated):

  • Last Wednesday, the program took a trip to the White House, specifically the East Wing. This is comprised of the more ceremonial and less used rooms, like the blue, red, and green rooms. It was pretty fascinating, as these rooms were spectacular and some of the art and pieces within them were incredible, notably including the famous portrait of George Washington saved by Dolley Madison during the War of 1812.
  • As many will know, the soon-to-be president of China came to the United States to meet with President Obama. What many might not know, however, is that he, along with other Chinese officials, stayed at the Marriott a block away from my building, occupied the week before by the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC). So that marks two weeks in a row the neighborhood has been a sea of red, though for different reasons of course. Every day there was a swarm of people outside the hotel waving Chinese flags and holding signs, for what seemed like all day long. I asked someone who was taking in the scene, and he said he had heard they were hired by the Chinese embassy to show support for the president, which could then be filmed and broadcast back in China. Unverified, but interesting if true.
  • Tonight I'll be heading to the Wizards-Heat game at the Verizon Center with a number of kids from the program, which I'm looking forward to. Last Wednesday, my roommate Sam and I and a few others took in the thrilling Wizards-Kings matchup--we scored tickets for a buck each, and were able to move down to the second level during the game. Just one of the benefits of living in a city with little to no discernible sports team pride.

On Tuesday, I'll be heading home for spring break. It'll be nice to see my family and my dog, and some of my friends who will also be home. I'm hoping to make it up to the Hill at some point and see a bunch of friends who were abroad last fall, and thus I haven't seen in a while. But, that's all for now--take it easy.