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Opus, heaven on campus.

April 7, 2011   

Hamilton College houses two captivating, picturesque coffee houses originally named Opus 1 and Opus 2. They are fantastic. If you’re ever on campus, you should definitely stop by!

The two Opuses are strategically placed on opposite sides of campus as havens of delicious goodies. Their hot chai and chocolate chip cookies seem to lure work-wearied students from breakfast time until late at night.

The most appealing aspect of Opus, besides its fantastic food, is its charming and homey feel. It's decorated with foreign currencies, old photos, quirky action figures, and random artifacts all hanging over the counter. Besides chairs and tables, Opus is furnished with lots of couches, which are (unfortunately) extremely comfortable. There is one in particular which engulfs naïve students in an ecstasy of euphoric comfort. I know that if I sit in that couch, I will not leave for a good hour or so. There should be a sign saying: “Couch is too comfortable. Sit at your own risk.”

If you’re about to embark on a long night of studying I would recommend the Opus Magnum.  This delightful coffee is sure to make your caffeine-depraved wits stay as motivated as the energizer-bunny till the wee hours of the morning. If it’s the weekend, and you want to take the prettiest girl in college out on a date, I would recommend a good chai or mocha with a shot of anything for some extra taste. On weekends, Opus has lunches too. Even though they aren’t included in the lunch program, people line up to get the delicious sandwiches that the coffee house offers.

Both Opuses hire students to work there, so when you go for, say, a blueberry muffin, you might find a friend of yours attending you.

I love Opus. I’m pretty sure most Hamilton students do too. I look forward to the days when I return to the college and meet up with friends at Opus to reminisce about our days on the Hill, munching on a chocolate chip cookie and sippin’ a warm hazelnut vanilla coffee.