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Only two more weeks to go...

May 1, 2006   Sorry I haven’t updated for a few days. This week is the last week of classes, and I’ve been so busy finishing up with papers and problem sets and other things like that. I just handed in my history research paper in today! HUGE RELIEF! Now that it’s done, I can finally tend to you guys. Anyway, the last few days…hmmm.
Commons (one the dining halls) had the most amazing afternoon snacks last week. Ok, so my life revolves around food and the first highlight I can think of is snack time, but whatever. I made my own trail mix, and I’ve been constantly munching on it for the past week while I’ve been working. Raisins, chocolate chips and sunflower seeds are good sources brain food; it’s a proven fact and tested by me. They also had fruit smoothies. Mmmm. Also, while we’re on the topic of food, I had my first Café Opus lunch. Café Opus is (as the name implies) a fully functional café. They serve vegetarian lunches, coffee, tea and the most AMAZING muffins. The muffins are legendary and so addictive AND they make them right there, so they’re warm when you get them. Café Opus isn’t on the meal plan, but they take campus dollars (which are on your meal card) so you don’t need to carry around money. I had the best artichoke/spinach/Swiss Panini the other day. I’d totally recommend it.
This whole weekend (Al-Ham Weekend) has been great. Saturday was May Day, an all day concert in Minor Field. Think of it as Hamilton’s version of Woodstock. It was 70 degrees (SPRING IS HERE!), and everyone was outside. They had air castles and a sticky wall. I totally felt transported back to elementary school activity fairs. Needless to say, I spent most of my time jumping around barefoot and squealing every time I lost my balance. Very mature, no? There were a few good bands, but I was more interested in the headliner: the New Pornographers! Not to say I’m a dedicated fan, but I liked them a lot more than “Chromeo,” who totally played the exact same song for 30 minutes. Yeah, that’s right Chromeo; you’re not fooling anyone. Anyway, it was an awesome fun packed day. I even got something that might resemble a tan. Needless to say, I got no work done. But that was fine. Earlier in the week, I decided to choose May Day over going to the Tom Brokaw lecture. It’s called an opportunity cost in economics. See? I apply some information. I kind of feel bad, but I figured that rocking out on May Day would have been more slightly more fun. So what if I’m uncultured? Sorry Tom Brokaw! (I totally would have gone, if I didn’t have the paper though. My friends went and said it was great. Lots of people went. I just couldn’t do both.) There was a campus picnic on McEwen Quad on Sunday, and I finished up most of my work. Pretty exciting and fulfilling week, right?