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Tom Brokaw was here last week

May 2, 2006   

This past Thursday, Tom Brokaw was on campus giving a lecture as part of the Sacerdote Great Names lecture series, which brings up a big time speaker every year. Over the past two years, I have seen both Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton speak, and this year it was Brokaw. Prior to the lecture he met with many students, and some people were also able to take photos with him after he spoke. I had a close seat for Bill Clinton last year, but this year I wasn't so close, although it did not matter since he was being shown on a large screen. During his speech, Brokaw showed that he had both humorous and serious sides as he addressed a broad range of issues. All in all, the event went extremely well and I left satisfied and happy I attended.

On the day after the Tom Brokaw lecture, I was really surprised when someone told me I had been quoted on the front page of the Observer-Dispatch, a local newspaper. I was pretty excited because I believe that was the first time I had ever been quoted in a newspaper. I spoke to a reporter at the event and I told her what I thought about Tom Brokaw, and the next day, it was in the paper. So not only did I get to hear a famous broadcaster speak, I got quoted in a newspaper article about the lecture.