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April 29, 2012   

1. I got a summer internship, guys!!! I’ll be working for The Creators Project’s NYC office in Williamsburg. The Creators Project is celebration of artists who innovatively incorporate new technology into their work, spearheaded by Intel and VICE media. My responsibilities will include pitching, writing and editing blog posts for the website, which I’m ridiculously excited about.


2. Something else that’s cool: I’m getting funding for it! Every year, the Career Center coordinates alumni donations to cover transportation, food and even housing expenses for students who secure summer internships and demonstrate need. My train costs for the summer will be covered, thank goodness.


3. I’m also officially studying at the University of Edinburgh for the Fall 2012 semester! I was accepted a little over a week ago, and I’ve been slowly but surely filling out all of the (annoying) paperwork.


Right now, things are going really well. Here’s hoping the trend continues through finals week!