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Career Center

February 26, 2013   

I began working at the Hamilton College Career Center spring of my sophomore year, as the Employer Relations Office Administrative Student Intern. Firstly, I would just like to say that my boss is AWESOME (I am not sure if she will even see this blog, but I am just being honest! She is really great). The Career Center is a great resource for Hamilton students. Students can meet with counselors in their concentrations or fields of interest (such as non-profits, government, finance, healthcare, etc.), who then help them go through the processes of finding and securing internships, improving interview skills, and getting jobs after graduation. Counselors can also get students in touch with Hamilton's extensive alumni network to learn more about certain career paths. This is all a fairly basic explanation, but you get the point. 

The Career Center is a great place to work as a student employee. The counselors, employees and student interns are all genuinely nice, wonderful people. There are two types of student workers, Peer Advisors and Administrative Interns. Peer Advisors are trained to help students review resumes and cover letters, and engage in campus outreach. Administrative Interns conduct research on jobs and alumni, write the weekly newsletter, or help out with specific Career Center events - just to give a few examples. My particular job is to look up internship opportunities and post them to the school's job website, Hamnet. Since working at the Career Center, I have spent a substantial amount of time surfing various companies' websites - however, it is so rewarding when I see that students have applied to internships that I found and posted. It's nice to think that a little web research on my end helped someone obtain a summer internship or even post-graduate job or fellowship. 

Working at the Career Center is especially great now that it is internship application season. Sometimes if I have a quick, general question concerning my applications, I can stop in and ask any of the counselors when they have a free moment. Everyone is friendly and more than willing to help.

Some more random facts…the office recently moved to the newly renovated third floor of Bristol (a building on campus). Although it is designed more or less like a maze - which gets especially confusing since every hallway looks the same - it is a very nice space and has a great view down the hill. There are also M&Ms waiting for student interns by our time sheet folders, courtesy of the office coordinator. No matter what I do, I always end up eating a few before I leave for the day.

But the biggest perk to working at the Career Center? The office has a Keurig! I'm half joking…obviously I've already listed off many benefits to working at the Career Center, but the Keurig is wonderful. I definitely abuse my Keurig privileges…but it is so hard not to! Especialyl when I show up to work at 10 am and it smells so good and there are so many coffee options....aaahh. 

And just to end on a bit of a random, off-topic fact....I went cross country skiing for the first time last week! So much more fun (and a lot more difficult) than I had anticipated. I think I am finally adjusting to New York winters.