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September 30, 2012   

Hello all!  My name is C Adam Pfander, and I am proud to introduce myself as one of Hamilton’s journal writers for the coming months.  These journals demonstrate both the stresses and high points of student life; from the endless hours of studying for a calculus exam, to the final, glorified relief of handing it in.  A few times a week, I will post about whatever subject is currently occupying my time and thoughts.

I am a freshman here on College Hill. I currently intend to major in Government and Economics, but that could change multiple times over the next two years.  The fun of being a freshman is shopping around the course catalogue like a restaurant menu—pages of options and total freedom to sample any department.  We will see what strikes my fancy when course selection roles around at the end of this semester.

Being a freshman, the college process is all too fresh in my mind, but I can thankfully affirm that the forms, essays, and (above all) stress was worth the effort.  I couldn’t be happier to be at Hamilton, to embrace the community and all it has to offer.  As I said, there will be strains and there will be reliefs.  Via this journal, I will broadcast how discovering Hamilton goes for me.
However, you are most likely to notice some recurring themes throughout my writing.  Here is a glimpse of how I fill my time on the Hill:

First off, running will surely come up.  I run Cross Country, Indoor Track, and Outdoor Track for Hamilton, which amounts to many hours of practice and more than a few Saturdays spent at meets.  The team is incredibly close and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of it.

I also enjoy speaking German.  I discovered the language as a sophomore in high school, and before long began talking to myself auf Deutsch.  I was ecstatic to learn that Hamilton had a comprehensive program; I expect to be enrolled in at least one German course each semester. 

Debate Society will also earn some mention.  We run debate rounds twice a week  arguing the oddest cases: whether Batman or Superman is better; if Hamilton is prepared for a Zombie Apocalypse; or if Traffic Laws are really relevant in the modern day.  Who doesn’t enjoy impromptu arguing?

I have never once been bored in my short time at Hamilton; this journal should be a constant stream of new stories and inquiries.  Be sure to visit often.