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It Was as if We Had Never Seen Sun

April 29, 2009   This past weekend is what Hamilton in the spring is all about. Every morning students got up with the sun and took advantage of the warm weather to its fullest. It seemed everywhere one looked, there were students lying on the quad doing absolutely nothing. Impromptu volleyball matches and soccer games were sprouting up anywhere there was enough grass. Students blared their favorite songs from dorm rooms, with windows open, and plenty of people outside to enjoy them. I even saw a few blow-up kiddie pools! I’m still not entirely sure how these small bowls of water provided amusement to college students, but I digress...

No matter which way you slice it, this weekend was absolutely incredible. I ate outside for nearly every meal, worked on my tan, and practiced the ever-valuable skill called procrastination. While I honestly believe Hamilton is beautiful in almost any type of weather (yes, even the times when it looks as if we live in a snow globe), the sun and cloudless blue sky really do bring out a certain campus charm. Fortunately for us, this perfect yet distracting weather is definitely here to stay.