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Office of Admission
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Welcome Class of 2016!

March 25, 2012   

Congratulations on your acceptance into Hamilton! Give yourself a serious pat on the back because it is no walk in the park. For those who are choosing between multiple schools, the real task is yet to come. My experience was particularly challenging. I applied to 21 universities, some of which were in Canada, the United States and Scotland. I was a typical anxious high school senior that wanted, more so needed, the comfort that at least one out of 21 universities would accept me.

Although Hamilton was one of my first choices, I was initially waitlisted. When I read the letter, I was very disappointed but found solace in my acceptance letters. However, two weeks later, I was sitting at a track meet when I received a personal call from a Hamilton Admissions Officer. Hamilton had seen the method in my madness and offered me a spot! After several seconds of silence, two phone calls to my parents, and many gasps, I accepted. Too bad I didn’t have a race after putting down the phone: I would have easily broken my past record.

I really hope that you feel a similar sense of excitement once you choose where to go. If you decide to become a Hamiltonian, we will welcome you with warm and open arms! As a college student, I just want you to be happy. Too much time is spent completing college applications and fretting over decisions for you to be disappointed. A school picks you because it believes you fit best within its community. Go with your first instinct. If you’re caught between two or three, talk it out with parents, siblings, friends, or anyone. I’m just saying though that the Hamilton community is enough of a reason to travel across the country and face real winters.