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Accepted Students Day

April 19, 2012   

For those of you who came to campus on Monday for Accepted Students Day, I hope you had a great time. A few things to keep in mind:

1) Yes, it’s always that warm here. Hamilton prides itself on its ability to provide students with daily 80 degree weather. It actually gets a little tedious. “Hot and sunny again? I’m so sick of this flawless weather…”

2) No, there will not be hundreds of parents milling around campus every day. As much we all love parents, college would be a rather different place with them here; I don’t think we would have nearly as high retention rates.

3) You will never again be offered as much free candy as you were at the Student Organization Fair. Actually, that’s a lie; just take a class with Professor Jensen.

4) And yes, the Hamilton College Varsity Streaking Team does practice every day at noon. My condolences for those of you who missed them on Monday.

Accepted Students Day isn’t your typical day at Hamilton, but it’s almost as exciting for all of us as it is for you; we get to meet a lot of awesome kids who we’re going to be sharing dining halls with, partying with, sitting in class with, going to concerts with, and living with for the next few years. We get to meet people that are not only going to shape our college experience, but people we’ll be close with for the rest of our lives.

Hamilton has an incredibly tight-knit alumni network, and that stems from the wonderful experiences we share with each other during our four years here. I’m sure you’re all excited for college, but you should know that we’re just as excited to welcome you to this place we call home.