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May 9, 2012   

(Before I even BEGIN, I have to give a massive shout out to my big sister Tiff who gave me the best birthday present ever- she had her whole class of 5th graders call me and sing "Happy Birthday" to me! It was honestly one of the sweetest things I've ever heard. AND I totally forgot to mention it! I'm an idiot. Love you!)

Hi all! Welcome to Finals week on the Hill.

We kicked of Finals week with a beautiful day on Sunday during which everybody "studied". And by "studied" I mean lounged on the quads, ate outside, played frisbee, napped on the turf, engaged in PTT (prime time tanning). Ditto goes for the next day as well.

Good news was that the weather gods decided to drive us in on Tuesday with some mildly annoying but otherwise pleasant warm spring rain. Otherwise, no one would have gotten work done.

I'm lucky- I don't have too many finals, just mainly portfolios and performances for my theater classes, and then one actual sit down essay final for English. I turned in a portfolio for Playwriting last week, just finished a final monologue (and rocked it) for Theater 102, and all I have left is a final performance Friday night for Theater 110 and that English final on Friday morning.

I impressed myself yesterday, though. I actually sat down and read 200 pages for my English final in one sitting. I'm pretty sure my butt is now imprinted in the South common room couch. (It actually really is embarrassing how much time I spend there). Today I'm taking it easy, probably going for a run later, and then rehearsal at 10 tonight.

Finals in college are different from finals in high school in a bunch of different ways. For one, our library is open for 24 hours a day and usually has snacks and cookies in the basement. For another, the streaking team ups its public appearances (often through the library, science center, and Commons) to help take our minds off of studying. Commons ups its game as well; last night they had melted cheese over broccoli and potatoes, they've had a ton of sweet potato fries (my favorite), and kumquats. (Andrew introduced me to these yesterday. The jury is out on whether it was a good find.)

I can't believe I'll be leaving so soon. Definitely haven't even started in on packing. Boy will that be a disaster....

Hey everyone, CONGRATS! You're halfway done finals week! Yea!

Alright, back to the books,