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Live Lax Love

May 10, 2012   

Two weeks ago we entered the NESCAC tournament as the underdog- seeded 7th and up against the number 2 team, Colby, in the first round. Numbers didn't matter to us; all we cared about was what it was going to feel like to win, and how much sweeter that was going to make the 7 hour bus ride home.

We crushed Colby 9-4. I felt so in the zone, and I know everyone else did too. It was an amazing feeling. We'd lost to them in overtime while in Florida. For the first time, we saw a glimmer of a NESCAC championship trophy in our future.

This past weekend we traveled to Trinity for the NESCAC final four. Our necks were on the line and we knew it; if we didn't win both games that weekend, our season was over. Our first game was against Trinity, the number 1 team in the conference. We'd played them only a couple weeks before to a 8-7 loss, but it was an amazing game. We came out harder and stronger on Saturday and were winning for most of the whole game. We wound up going into OT and losing 9-8.

Nothing can quite describe the feeling in your stomach when that final buzzer rings. Few things have ever felt worse. Sure, you say, but it's just a game. It's just a game we pour our hearts into, that we give our all to. It's a driving force in your life for so long and when it ends, it ends when you're at your greatest, and it ends in a sudden harsh collapse.

Through the tailgate I was kind of numb, and there were lots of tears. And there was lots of Gluten free cake. (Ahhh there's the silver lining!)

Monday morning we cleaned out our locker room. I walked in the next day to see it empty. None of the friendly mess, our couch and chairs gone. Felt weird.

We had an awesome season, one that was much harder than we had imagined. We learned so many lessons along the way and next year we're going to be bigger and better. I only wish we could have given the seniors a championship ring for all the work they've done.

Thanks for all the laughs, the dance parties, the nicknames, and the general tomfoolery. Let's get em next year.

Live, lax, love,