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Office of Admission
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Health Center

February 19, 2008   

They know I’m a senior by my unusually large medical file. One of my senior portraits from high school is shoved in a manila folder along with page after page dedicated to aches, cuts, sniffles, coughs, high temperatures and yearly exams. Last week it was time, yet again, to add to the chronicles of my "dishealth".

It started innocently enough, a sneeze here, a sniffle there, a little ache in my sinuses, and an unscratchable itch in my throat. As to be expected on a college campus in winter, someone had tossed me a cold and I caught it. These little aches turned into pains and I called on Francine, the receptionist at the Health Center, to hook me up with an appointment.

The idea of sitting in a health center waiting room with your fellow classmates all guessing at why who’s in for what seems threatening, but gets easier with each ailment. Soon enough my blood pressure is checked, I’ve said “aahhh” and my dramatic diagnosis is “that cold that everyone has.”  With some cough drops, ibuprofen, and a few days worth of dry-you-out-and-keep-you-awake medicine I’m sent on my way.

I’m feeling 100% again, but my guess is it won’t be long before someone is pulling down my bloated medical file again and adding yet another chapter to my endless story of aches and pains.