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Man or Mouse?

October 31, 2007   I sing with my band in close to 20 performances a year, all around the country. I grew up performing classical piano 5 or 6 times a year in front of crowds as large as 500 (twice!). But for my solo performance credit, I have to get up on stage--alone--and sing a piece of music. I've never done anything quite like it before. There are so many things that could conceivably go wrong, but it's not the fear of performing that gets me nervous... it's more like the fear of performing solo voice.

I'm sure my instructor will give me all sorts of performance techniques (where do I put my hands? what foods do I avoid so I don't sound like a frog?), but what I really need is to not over-excite myself. I have a strong feeling that a few friends will be there, discretely hoping I trip or voice-crack, but I think I can look past all of that.

I will definitely let you know how this turns out. Either way, it should provide for some interesting reading...