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The Fun of a Roommate

February 21, 2013   

When living with a roommate, two lives coexist within a very confined space; it is impossible to remain completely independent.  Being a first-year, my roommate Jack was a complete stranger just a few months ago, and yet we end up sharing a lot.  Of course we go through the daily motions of living together—we wake up, we go to breakfast, and then we move on with our respective days.  But our lives crisscross in more ways than simply coexisting within the same room.

Jack and I always try to have fun.  We have wasted hours on the web together—surfing Youtube or researching urban legends.  We maintain a so-called, “Good Idea List,” which is a catalogue of hair-brained ideas and ill-conceived plots that have struck us throughout the year; topping off the list is our plan to capture a pet squirrel.

But more than just having fun, Jack and I share in each other’s successes and achievements.  We celebrate the good times together.  For instance, today is Jack’s birthday; his mother sent him a hefty container of blueberry buckle, which is similar to coffee cake.  Jack was nice enough to share a delicious piece with me.  Today was a good day.

But this generosity is nothing new for Jack.  Whenever he happens across some tasty treats – whether cookies from his mother or a bag of candy he received for Valentine’s Day – he offers some to me.  My response is always an enthusiastic, “That would be awesome!  Thank you!”  I only wish I had some confections to offer in return.

The easiest way to live in close quarters with someone is to be a positive force—to spread cheer and let the good times roll.  Celebrating is more fun when you have someone to celebrate with.  That is the fun of a roommate.