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Keep Putting It Off

March 8, 2011   I have this bad habit of procrastinating. Papers that should be done days in advance somehow find a way to entrench themselves on my to-do list until the last possible minute. It gets really ugly sometimes. There have been 10-page research papers I haven't even started typing until 1 a.m. — the night before they're due. Those nights, my world revolves around a horrible combination of Pizza Hut and Microsoft Word.

So what's more important than writing my papers or studying for my exams? Sporcle? ESPN? Pacing back and forth in my room? Walking down the hallway to procrastinate with my friends? I mean, no. I know the paper is way more important. But something makes me put them off anyway. It's like the "Imp of Perverse" or something! I'll be sitting in my room, completely committed to writing a paper or finishing a reading and suddenly, my mind takes over. My thoughts drift from what I'm going to do after college to who I'm going to take in my fantasy baseball draft to whether or not I should eat whatever disgusting snack food I have on hand — all thoughts completely at war with my goal to write, or read or study. It's as if I'm not in control.

But right now, things are different. I have a paper for my Study of Poetry class due before I leave for break on Friday, and I've already written two rough drafts, peer-edited and met with my professor about it. Some of that is due to requirements for class. When I first saw the extra requirements, I cringed and saw them as extra work; but I'm starting to really appreciate the whole process now. I'm able to go over my paper, see what I don't like about it, fix it and still have two or three days — not hours — before it's due. It's actually been a huge relief for me.

Who would've thunk it — not procrastinating means nothing hanging over your head all week? Hmm...maybe this whole not-waiting thing is something I'll have to try more often. That is if I can continue to dislodge assignments from their trenches, of course. I may have won this battle, but I'm fighting a war here! There's hope though; I do like the feeling of not having to worry. Maybe I'll keep this doing-work-in-advance thing up, after all...