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The One Where He's Designing a Major

January 27, 2013   

Hey journal buddies

Times on the hill are exciting, although when are they not, seriously… But personally, this last week has been a mish-mash of endless meetings, never-ending research, extreme planning, downright coffee abuse, and plenty of enthusiastic highs, for I have been working on something not a lot of people get to do. While your average straight-in-the-head sophomores on the hill are waiting for February 10th to declare the majors they so love and adore, but of course yours truly has been busy with something a little more creative: I’ve been designing my own major.

It’s been a joke in my group of friends that my intended major changes by the hour, and I don’t blame them. I’ve jumped from psychology, to art, to French, to English, to creative writing, to theater. And that was just my first two semesters here. It just took a while before I found my niche in the performing arts, and I was finally a theater major.

Around the start of the fall semester, while I was contemplating what I plan to do with a theater degree once I graduate, the possibility of working in the cinematic highlighted itself. So I explored some frontiers, took a class that explored race through film and literature and finally ended up shadowing an alum through the Hamilton Explore shadowing program that the Career Center has for sophomores. After spending a day with Benjamin Eckstein ’01, I finally decided. After Hamilton, I want to work with film. And amongst the myriad other things I picked up that day, the coolest was how Mr. Eckstein had designed his own major in film back in 1999.

Since then, pretty much every day, half my day is devoted to working on the design of the major and the rest of it obsessing and drooling over how cool it’ll be. Mixing courses from Africana Studies, Dance, Cinema and New Media Studies, and adding a study abroad component in Prague to cover production work, the proposal for the interdisciplinary “film” concentration now sits neatly compiled in a buff and blue Hamilton folder in my backpack, decorated by signatures of supporting faculty members. I'm going to be a Theater and Film double major

So as I work through these last few days, getting my concentration approved by professors before I submit it to the Committee on Academic Standing, I can say one thing surer than ever before. At Hamilton, nothing falls beyond the realm of possibility. Any idea you have is not only heard, but genuinely promoted. With the inspiring ranks of professors and encouraging deans that hold offices all over this snow-capped hill, at Hamilton College, in its truest, EVERYTHING is possible.