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The Lunchtime Dilemma

February 26, 2013   

Lunchtime at Hamilton is an odd experience.  Some students grab whatever they find first at Commons or McEwen and simply dig in; others carefully craft their meal from the available entrees; still others buy a latte and wrap from Opus and eat en route to class.  Lunch should be a straight-forward decision, but I am always unsure of what to eat once noontime rolls around.

As a child, I refused to eat anything but a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch.  For 10 years I carried a PB&J to school, accompanied by some goldfish and maybe an apple.  It was all I wanted, and it was all my mother made for me.

At Hamilton, lunch is still made for me, but different entrees are served each day.  Commons could offer mac and cheese, while McEwen serves Cajun-style wings and Opus sells hummus wraps.  Thus I am forced to answer the question: what do I really want to eat for lunch?

I have to carefully weigh my decision.  Track practice starts in just a few hours, so nothing too hefty, spicy or rich.  Concurrently, I need enough energy to stay awake through the afternoon, so whatever I choose should be filling.  If I eat too much sugar I will be jittery through class—too much salad, and I will still be full at dinnertime.  I face a real dilemma every day at noon.

Most of the time, I return to that tried-and-true favorite: PB&J.  My stomach is used to it; I like the taste—what else can I ask for?  But if I eat the same thing every day, I miss Hamilton’s vibrant lunch scene.  So I try to break out of the box every now and then.  I order some sushi from Commons or some chicken salad from McEwen.  Eventually, I might find a new favorite.