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Centers of Attention

March 26, 2010   Hamilton College has a lot of "Centers."  From general buildings, to tutoring spaces, to rooms for specific organizations, these centers encompass the wide variety of amenities available to students.  The hard part is trying to keep track of them all.  Here's my attempt (by no means inclusive, and in order number of times I've stepped foot in that particular center):

Science Center — Otherwise known as my second home.  Sure, a lot of science goes down, but I've also had Spanish and Russian Literature classes in here, so a lot of not-so-science stuff goes down too.  And there's Opus.  Yummy yummy Opus. 

Mail Center — Home to some of the nicest and most helpful staff on campus.  I come in with a handful of crap that needs to get to Minnesota, and in 5 minutes, it's organized into a neat and tidy stamped package ready to be shipped.

Writing Center — Located in Kirner-Johnson (KJ) with a computer lab in front and the writing tutors (fellow students) waiting to read your essay in back.  I've gone to the writing center for essay help a handful of times (for essays ranging from needs-proof-reading to needs-to-be-finished), and have always received very helpful suggestions.

Quantitative Literacy Center — Another student tutoring center, located in Christian Johnson (CJ).  For me, it has mostly served as a nice place to work on math homework with other students, but the QLit center became a go-to place for help my sophomore year when I couldn't quite grasp all of Organic Chemistry.

Little Squash Center — Ironically, the "Little" Squash Center was built because the previous squash courts were too small (I know, awesome joke).  I took squash as a gym class my freshman year and had an absolute blast playing, but I mostly "step foot" in the squash center because it's where the tennis locker room is housed.

Blood Fitness and Dance Center — Vice President Al Gore has ties with the Blood family, so when he came as the Great Names Speaker a few years ago it was rumored the center would be renamed the "Blood and Gore Fitness Center" (I know, another awesome joke).  Despite my aversion for working out, the fitness center makes it a little more bearable with its idiot-proof machines, its multitude of TVs, and its 3-story climbing wall.  

Levitt Center — I don't really use the Levitt Center for its intended purpose (other than attending some Levitt Center sponsored events), but I do know that the door to the center (located in KJ) is always unlocked and is thus a great place to finish lab reports at 3 am.

Health Center — A frequent inhabitant of the health center during the Swine Flu scare of '09, the health center kept me from dying with their never-ending supply of ibuprofen and lozenges.

Language Center
— Mainly a computer lab with special features for those in language courses.  A good hangout if you're into listening to Chinese.

Career Center
— I've been here twice (probably should go more) to get help with my resume and get advice about summer opportunities in science.

Oral Communication Center
— Akin to the Writing and QLit centers, the OCC has tutors that can listen to and give advice on oral presentations.  I went here once to practice an hour-long presentation, and my experience was even more helpful than I anticipated--in addition to getting added practice, I got sound advice on things I didn't even realize were important to pay attention to while speaking.

Womyn's Center — Sadly, I've never been in the Womyn's Center, but when attending events like The Female Orgasm and Womyn Who Rock, I'm glad the Womyn's Center makes its presence known on campus.