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Course Registration!

November 16, 2009   

Course registration period is always an exciting time.  I’m like a giddy kid in a candy shop when I look at all the cool classes I get to choose from, not to mention that browsing classes is an excellent alternative to doing any homework you might be avoiding. Instinctively, my inner nerd tells me that taking 5 science/math classes will bring me ultimate happiness, but this is generally not recommended…something about an unbalanced schedule.

Yes, it’s true!  There are no core requirements at Hamilton…but there are some courses that are just too awesome to miss.  Introduction to Existentialism (Philosophy) with Todd Franklin is one of them, and it must be with Professor Franklin. Trust me now, and thank me later. The class is an eye-opener.  The material is thought-provoking and asks you to consider radical new perspectives, and Professor Franklin conveys complex and often confusing ideas in a very understandable and relatable manner (i.e. he is a GREAT teacher).  Plus, Todd Franklin is one of the most extraordinary men I know, I could rave about him all day long, but I’ll spare you.  Seriously though, there are many Hamilton students who are inexpressibly grateful to him not only for the experience of his classes, but also for his support and compassion...so go talk to him!  Alright, alright, enough of that.

On another note, I often find myself astounded by the Hamilton student’s ability to accomplish the colossal amount of work that is demanded. At times it seems that everyone here has an impossible pile of assignments to get through and we wonder how in the world we are going to get it all done. Somehow, we always make it to the other side (albeit sometimes in a raggedy state).

With that in mind, happy Monday and welcome to the beginning of a new week! Ok, so I have a Physical Chemistry and Modern Algebra exam on two consecutive nights in a row, but we won’t focus on that.  I mean, yes, we will, but there’s a bright light at the end of the tunnel…Thanksgiving break starts on Friday!  These breaks we get always seem to come just in the nick of time…one week later and we might all explode.  Thanksgiving...Thanksgiving...Thanksgiving...BREAK...FRIDAY...ALMOST THERE...

Well, wish me luck with my week (and good luck with yours too).  See you on the other side!