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The One Where Sandy Somewhat Strikes...

October 30, 2012   

Hey Journal Buddies

I hope you all made it through Hurricane Sandy warm and dry. I saw the pictures and kept hearing blow by blow accounts of what transpired in New York City by a dear friend, Trang, who’s stuck there as I write this, and it’s really scary. So before all else, I’d just like to extend some empathy towards anyone who was affected by Sandy, and sincerely hope that you and all your family members are safe and well.

Here on the hill, the incoming hurricane had everyone on the alert for a bit. Security measures, warnings were circulated and campus activities and buildings were shut down past 5 and food was being stocked in dining halls, all of which made me understand that Sandy had some seriousness to it. But then backup generators were mentioned in an all campus email, and I don’t know about the rest of you, but when that happens, I start to really freak out. My residence hall, Saunders House, is perhaps one of three buildings on campus that isn’t covered by the backup power, and the idea of me and my roommates, stuck indoors in a storm, in the middle of the green wilderness of upstate new york, sans electricity… it was a little too much of clichéd slasher movie setting… Then someone thought of cracking some Ouija board jokes, and then it wasn’t funny anymore.

However, luckily enough, the night seemed as uneventful as I could hope for it to be. The power stayed on, it hardly rained, and no paranormal activity was observed, other than my snoring roommate, which did come quite close. But for the most part, the night was torn between overdoses of chai, an hour of singing songs from “Pitch Perfect” in the shower, a greys anatomy marathon, and embarrassing amounts of time going through Sandy memes. My favorite one’s posted with…
Hope everyone’s doing ok! Stay safe…