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Diversity at Hamilton College

December 3, 2008   

The term “diversity,” as I have mentioned in previous entries, has recently become a buzz-word at Hamilton College. Last night there was a town hall meeting held in the Chapel about “diversity,” focusing on a controversial article, the opions of which were both contested and praised by many members of the greater Hamilton community. 

Of the hundreds of people who filled the Chapel for the meeting,  some strongly disagreed with the author’s claims and assumptions, finding them offensive and presumptuous, while others applauded the author, whose name I will omit, for his articulation of seemingly progressive insights and observations.  

Last night’s town hall meeting demonstrated one of many recent examples of how widespread the disagreement and touchiness of the word “diversity” has been to Hamilton College. The issue of “diversity” is a sensitive one to Hamilton College because the demographics of the school have drastically changed each of the last five decades. 

Meetings such as last night’s invite the Hamilton College community—a communtiy which exhibits good intentions in trying to symbolically represent differences—to challenge or redefine the meaning of diversity, especially as the word relates to the current demographic mix of Hamilton College.