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Mr. Hamilton Part 2!!!

February 12, 2013   

Mr. Hamilton, the campus's annual male pageant Feb Fest event, was a huge success this year. Many Mr. Hamilton hopefuls participated this year, and there was a big turnout - which, at $2 a ticket meant more money going towards Operation Smile, a children's charity organization. 

The judges were a little harsh and, in my opinion, the live twitter feed for Mr. Hamilton -  projected onto a big screen in the auditorium during performances - was one of the most entertaining parts of the night. Students had some hilarious comments and there were a few Mr. Lightside/Mr. Darkside disagreements - in essence, it was just some anonymous twitter users playing up the stereotypical prep and hipster, which made for some very funny tweets.

First was formal wear - Mr. Golf killed it, by the way, if anyone noticed. It was a fantastic suit - and then the talent portion. The talent portion, as I previously mentioned, involved rifle-spinning, a very strange ballet performance by some frat brothers, a few acoustic renditions of current pop songs and a pec-dance to club/electronic music that was by far the strangest, and most hilarious act of the night. Afterwards, someone tweeted "Only at a liberal arts school." 

Both of the student organizations I am involved in had good representation - Mr. HEAT got second runner-up, and another HEAT member got first runner-up, though he was representing his a capella group. The Student Assembly candidate got first!! 

HEAT performed after the Q&A while the judges were deliberating. We were AWESOME (in my completely un-biased opinion)! It was a bit difficult since the crowd was completely dead, but to their credit they had been sitting there for 2.5 hours at that point. I think we did a good job of waking everyone up. 

Safe to say last night was not a very productive evening work-wise for me. My IM basketball team lost last night, and we are out of the running for the playoffs...so disappointing! I went almost directly from that to a Student Assembly meeting, and then to Mr. Hamilton, which was a blast but also lasted just a bit too long this year. Aw well, sometimes procrastination is worth it!