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Goals for Next Year

May 28, 2010   I have an internship with The Buffalo News this summer, but I don't start until June 7. That means I've had a lot of free time to think about things, including what my goals are for the 2010-11 school year.  More ...

Senior Week

May 25, 2010   Even though I'm not a senior, I still got to hang out on campus for senior week because I had some small tasks to do for the Writing Center. Plus, Brass Ensemble played at graduation!  More ...

Farewell Marcel, Hello Finals

May 7, 2010   So many things to tell you! I had my last Proust class, today was Class & Charter Day, and I am currently regretting that I ate so much.  More ...

My Friends Kidnapped Me

May 2, 2010   ... and forced me to enjoy the beautiful weather Friday :-)  More ...

Hamilton College Choir

April 10, 2010   No, I'm not a member. But I went to a concert of theirs last night and it was fantastic.  More ...