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Leaving Home

May 22, 2006   I remember very clearly what it was like to move my entire life into my quad in South as a freshman.  Every summer since then I've been able to store things here and there, keeping my Hamilton life "on hold" while I went home for three months.
Today, it feels like packing up my entire life all over again--but this time, home is my little college on the hill, and the feeling as I leave is almost indescribable...  More ...

Can you Balinese Dance?

April 27, 2006   I can...kind of.  (And by kind of, I probably mean "miserably, but with an A for effort.")  This past Tuesday, the Theatre Department sponsored a Balinese Dance workshop for its students.  Later that evening, a lecture was given in the chapel on the subject.  Random?  Sure.  But it was tons of fun to learn...  More ...

"Thesis: Talk to Me Friday"

April 27, 2006   It's a rather benign little six-letter word: Thesis.  And yet, any mention of it could cause a senior's head to spin.  About a week ago, I went into full production-mode for mine...the culmination of my four years as a Hamilton Philosophy student.  Yikes!  But with a little help from my friends, professors, and plenty of caffeine, I can safely say I have made it to the other side, having turned in my thesis Friday.  And man, does it feel good...  More ...

They're Baaaack: A Visit from Alumni

April 11, 2006   It's not unusual to see alumni coming back to the hill to visit...but this past weekend, it seemed like they were everywhere!  Each year in the Spring, Hamilton hosts "Volunteer Weekend," which is a time for alumni to come back to Hamilton for meetings, to reconnect with people, and attend events.  Although I didn't really know before that this weekend had a name, I did find out that a bunch of alumni were coming back to visit.  And as a senior, it was very exciting -- not only because I'm soon going to be an alumna myself, but actually, I was more excited to see my friends who had graduated, to hang out, and to catch up!  I remember asking about alumni relations when I was a prospective student...and not really knowing what that meant.  But after this weekend, I think I'm starting to get it ...  More ...

A Rare Opportunity

April 5, 2006   Writing a Senior Thesis is no easy task- no matter what discipline, there's a lot of work and a lot of research that goes into what you choose to do.  As I was doing my research in the library, I came across a book that I couldn't seem to locate, because it was housed in the "Rare Collection."  Even though I'm a senior, I wasn't sure what that meant... I had never looked at a book from the Rare Collection before.  Turns out Hamilton has a fascinating assortment of rare books dating back even hundreds of years!  Here's how I found myself holding history in my hands...  More ...