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Ode to the Writing Center

May 9, 2007   

I'm currently in my last two-hour time slot at the Writing Center (no, I'm not slacking... I just don't have a second appointment scheduled).  We have a tutor journal here that we occasionally write in, and I'm going to copy my goodbye entry here:

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Al Gore brings "An Inconvenient Truth" to Hamilton

April 30, 2007   

Al Gore gave his speech on global warming this past Thursday, and I got my picture taken with him after :)  Here's what happened...

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I Get to Meet Al Gore

April 24, 2007   

Al Gore's coming to give his speech, titled "An Inconvenient Truth," on Thursday, and I entered my name into a drawing to meet him after his speech and was selected!  WHOOOOOOO!

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More Thesis Joys

April 17, 2007   I really, REALLY don't want to talk about my thesis on here because I feel like you guys don't want to hear about it, but it's seriously consuming my life right now to the point where I have nothing else of interest to talk about.  So here's how it's going (and I promise this entry will be funny and have pretty much nothing to do with actual thesis stuff)...  More ...

The Housing Lottery

April 11, 2007   It's incredibly weird to me that I'm not participating in the housing lottery this year, but the numbers were distributed yesterday and I keep hearing everyone else talk about their options.  Although a lot of it is based on luck and chance, I can describe my own experiences and where I ended up living each year with what number...  More ...