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Debate Class

February 22, 2007   I'm taking a quarter-credit class right now called Argumentation and Debate, and I really like it.  The course is 14 classes long, and we take turns pairing off and debating issues against other teams.  Prior to this class, I hadn't had any oral communication experience aside from the occasional oral presentation, but this provides the opportunity to do something much different.  More ...

I Sleep in Random Places on Campus

February 19, 2007   The idea for this entry came when I was walking from my Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) meeting tonight with my friend Rachel, who had just napped with me in a windowsill in Bristol, the building where my meeting was held.  Yes, we napped in a windowsill.  I started laughing about the fact that I've really napped in some of the weirdest places over my college career; here are some of them...  More ...

Snow Day!!!

February 14, 2007   School was cancelled today for the third time in Hamilton's history (or at least that's what I've been hearing).  More ...

Baby, it's COLD outside

February 6, 2007   One of the things people sometimes worry about when looking at Hamilton is the coldness/snow issue.  Yeah, it's cold here, but it's not like you're going to find tropical conditions anywhere in New England this time of year.  Here's how we stay warm on days like today, which had a wind chill of negative 13 degrees at one point...  More ...

Eighties Track Practice

January 30, 2007   Mondays are typically our most difficult day of practice, so we decided to start having themed practices in order to ease our pain.  We emulated the '80s for our first foray into the little-explored world of themed practices, and it was radical AND tubular.   More ...