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I'm Stupid and Pulled My IT Band

April 5, 2007   I tend to get injured a lot during track, and none of my injuries is particularly impressive.  In fact, most of them tend to happen OUT of track.  Here's the story of a recent one...  More ...

Thesis Joys

March 29, 2007   I'm in the thick of my psychology thesis right now, which is something most of you are going to have to do (unless you're a math major... and some other majors that I can't remember at the moment).  Here's what it's been like this semester...  More ...

Spring Break Summary

March 26, 2007   I just got back from break, and it was one of the weirdest 2 week periods I've ever had.  It was definitely good overall, though.  Here's what happened, and what I plan on doing with the rest of the semester...  More ...

Mmm, Tonsillitis

March 7, 2007   I just found out I'm getting my tonsils out this coming Wednesday.  Don't feel bad for me; I'm THRILLED.  Let me explain why...  More ...

I'm Going to Law School!

February 28, 2007   I (extremely riskily) applied only to one school, and I got in!  Here's what happened...  More ...