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That's a Wrap

May 15, 2006   My junior year has concluded itself, and summer looks to be a good time.  More ...

The Death of My Article

May 5, 2006   I recently became familiar with the massive State Department bureaucracy...too familiar.  More ...

How to Avoid a Bad Interoffice or Diplomatic Party

April 22, 2006   

I've learned a lot while interning in the State Department this semester. My latest lesson: how to tactfully escape a bad diplomatic party.  If you see public diplomacy in your future, you may want to read this.

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The Giant Octopus

April 15, 2006   

Upon arrival in DC, my roommates informed me that the giant octopus feedings, held at 11 and 3 every day, are an absolute must see.  After several weeks of procrastination and repeating to myself, "maybe i'll see the octopus this weekend," my hopes finally came to fruition this week.

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Why Hamilton?

April 15, 2006   It's crunch time. Many of you are trying to figure out what school to go to; believe me, it's not an easy decision. This comes from the girl who decided to go to Hamilton last minute and is infinitely glad that she did.  More ...