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April 24, 2007     More ...

A Short Piece About My Thesis

April 14, 2007   f you asked me three months ago to produce a list of things I felt least capable of writing about, you would find WILLIAM FAULKNER written in bold type right at the top.  More ...

Where I've Been the Last Few Weeks

March 31, 2007   Now that I’m back on the  Hill I’ll have to spend most of my time finishing my thesis, which is on Faulkner.  As of now, I only have one sentence: “Faulkner was a real son of a bitch.”  More ...

Advertisement for a Sophomore Seminar

March 2, 2007   Why would a young American student choose an opera fantasy over the more typical rock star fantasy?  More ...

Hamilton College Takes Care of its Own

March 1, 2007   I rarely use my journaling privileges to thank people, but today’s entry will be an exception.  More ...