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Clearly a result of mild seasonal depression

October 24, 2006   Central New York is going gray  More ...

Victory, Squash, Banking, and Paraplegic Rugby

October 17, 2006   Last week was a good week. Everyone will be happy to hear that I recaptured my masculinity and defeated my squash opponent in two consecutive matches. Granted, I gave it my all and accepted victory with the sportsmanship of, say, a gloating little-leaguer (there was lots of mincing about the court, some singing of “We are the Champions,” and, I think, a few gestures that should not be described herein). Call me immature, but at least I didn’t lose to a girl…again.  More ...

You Can Like Tea Parties and Still Be Immaturely Macho

October 9, 2006   I had a great time last week at Professor Bahlke’s tea party.  Professor Balhke teaches a seminar on Virginia Woolf, so that would explain the tea party.  If it were a Hemingway seminar we’d probably have gotten drunk and then gone big-game hunting.  But it’s a Woolf seminar, and that’s nice because I like tea.  More ...

Back to Journaling

October 7, 2006   

Typical of me to begin my first entry by complaining about writers’ block! I think I’ve just been working too hard.  I’ve spent most of the last two months working on a Fulbright proposal that will take me to Spain (hopefully). Add that to classes and my other extracurriculars and you’ve got one busy boy. Speaking of Fulbrights, if you’re a prospective student with hopes of doing post-graduate study through a Fulbright or another travel grant, come to Hamilton.

  More ...

The Beginning of Summer

May 22, 2006   I woke from a dream of serpentine neckties with forked tongues, grimacing paper-shredders, and sinister staple-removers snapping their jaws as if to say, "Welcome to the end of your youth."  More ...