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Video Games

February 16, 2007       Last week while reading the Daily Bull, one of Hamilton’s student-run news and miscellany publications, I came across a strongly worded lost ad.  Apparently someone had stolen a number of video games from one of the dorms.  The ad offered a reward for the stolen games and a solemn oath to take revenge on the thieves.  More ...

Give me a Job...Seriously

December 4, 2006   Coming to Hamilton College is great.  Graduating from Hamilton College sucks.  More ...


November 17, 2006   It's easy to get out of bed when you go to Hamilton College.   More ...

Groovy Night

November 12, 2006       Hippies—you can find them just about anywhere, even in central New York; they walk sandaled or barefooted, occasionally toting bongo drums, usually longhaired, always mellow-minded and, as a rule, never very far from a halo of sweet smelling smoke.  Last night I happened to spot a few hippies rushing off somewhere.  It’s not often that you see hippies rushing anywhere and I was curious to see where they were going.  They led me to the Events Barn where Richie Havens, the first man to perform at Woodstock, was scheduled to play.  More ...

A Jumpy Entry, Sans Continuity

November 6, 2006   I’m a leg-shaker, but not in the sense of “Hey, let’s shake-a-leg.” Ask my friends and they’ll tell you, “Yup, he shakes his leg alright.  Twitches his limbs all damned day.”  More ...