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I spent last night in the Villageā€¦

April 29, 2007   

Of Clinton, that is. But a quiet dinner at Nola’s, a cozy restaurant overlooking the town green, was able to completely transport me to Greenwich Village, if only for a just a few hours.

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Emergency Family Visit!

April 22, 2007   I was sick for what seemed for weeks, and I was starting to get a little depressed. But then my family came up to visit me for weekend, and made everything better. Yay!  More ...

So what did you do during spring break?

April 4, 2007   It's the question everyone bombards you with during the first week back. Here's my not so concise version.  More ...

Chinese New Year!

February 20, 2007   I decided to unofficially declare the weekend President's Day Break and went home.  More ...

A Traveler's Guide

February 20, 2007     I’m very attached to my family/house/pets/local pizzerias. Therefore, I like to schedule little weekend trips home whenever possible. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy being at Hamilton, but home is home, and they say there’s no place like it.  More ...