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A "Galaxy" Dinner

January 28, 2007   Students in “Food for Thought,” my sophomore seminar, get together and experience what Hamilton dining was like in the 1820s. (Galaxy Dinners were at the end of the terms)  More ...

Projects, Projects, Projects...and Projects

November 30, 2006   Presentations, papers, posters, paintings and labs have taken  a significant chuck out of my life recently, but this post will be interesting to read…I promise.  More ...

My sister came up for the weekend!

November 14, 2006   As a high school junior, my sister is just beginning her college search. She doesn’t know exactly what she's looking for, so I invited her up to see what the small liberal arts college experience is all about.  More ...

Pumpkins and Candy and Costumes

November 3, 2006   Halloween is one of the holidays when I mourn the loss of my childhood more than ever. Thank god Hamilton kept me busy enough to forget that I’m almost 20 years old.  More ...

How is it possible that we're already halfway done?

October 18, 2006   POST SPOILER: Victoria will start off complaining about papers and work, but she will eventually talk about the super cool things she did this weekend. Be patient.  More ...