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Et Justement, Elle Était Là

February 7, 2011   I was lying on the fold-up mattress of an office floor, having gone up to Creil, a city to the north of Paris, to visit family friends for the weekend. I had found two versions of Mrs. Dalloway, my favorite novel, and, curled up in bright sheets and unready for sleep, I tried to puzzle out the French, wary and excited at the same time.  More ...

Show a Little Faith, There's Magic in the NIght

January 26, 2011   The Monet exhibition at the Grand Palais on the Champs Elysees was the largest retrospective in over sixty years and had almost a million visitors by the time it closed on Monday. I had heard about it and was dying to go, but the lines regularly stretched past six or seven hours of waiting, and all of the timed tickets were long since sold out.  More ...

Knitting on Busses, the Hazards of Roller-Skating, and midnight at the Musee D’Orsay!

January 20, 2011   Life in Paris begins as I embark on my next adventure!  More ...

Au Revior Mes Amis

December 17, 2010   My last week of Junior year told day-by-day as I try to say goodbye.  More ...

21 And Snowbound!!!

December 9, 2010   This past weekend heralded in the arrival of my twenty-first year, a wonderful night spent making dinner with the most wonderful of friends, and two feet of snow! Life is even lovelier than usual. After returning from New York with a successful visa application, I settled back in time for a very exciting weekend.  More ...