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Shifting into Third

April 4, 2011   Three months down and two to go, and time seems to mock me as I struggle to figure out if I am counting down or living it up, but I guess weighing homesickness with reverie is just another wonder of life here.  More ...

"Tear up the check. I'm going to Hamilton!!!"

March 25, 2011   Hamilton, I applied to almost by accident. Three years have passed since then, and I have fallen more deeply in love with the school every week. I know this is the day when all of the applicants learn their admissions decision, and want to impart a few not-so-sage bits of wisdom.  More ...

Mind the Gap

March 13, 2011   Three short words, emblazoned onto t-shirts over the symbol for the London Tube, spoken in a comically British accent as trains pull into their stations, quoted and mocked and adored by tourists. I had always been particularly fond of the expression, thought it was an amusing turn of phrase, even appreciated the French equivalent (“attention à la marche en decendant du train”), which I hear nearly every day on the way to school. Tuesday afternoon, however, I lived it, and promise never to mock this warning again.  More ...

From St. Germain to CDG

February 24, 2011   A week of culinary adventures culminates in a visit to Scotland!!!  More ...

Of Sunny days and Paper Stores

February 13, 2011   Every Sunday morning, no matter how thick the haze of sleep around my eyes or how cold the air outside, I wake up, open my double, French windows wide in a way that makes me feel like Clarissa Dalloway, climb back into bed with my covers up to my chin, and listen to the cacophany of church bells  More ...