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Bowl Season is Here!

December 6, 2010   Friday night was certainly a memorable night on the ice at Hamilton.  More ...

The Visitor

December 2, 2010   My younger brother is a senior in high school and is going through the application process. Earlier this week, though, he took a few days to spend some time on the Hill.  More ...

Gimme a Break!

November 23, 2010   I have to admit, Hamilton has the most awesome breaks. My friends at other schools? They just got done class today. Hamilton? We got done on Friday. Ohhh yeaaah.  More ...

Home Sweet Home!

November 21, 2010   College is great, but there's just no place like home.  More ...

Discussions, Discussions

November 15, 2010   Thursday night I was in charge of organizing a discussion for students, faculty and local teachers about the major issues in the American education system. No big deal.  More ...