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Encounters with a rattlesnake and falling on a cactus

March 29, 2011   The Hamilton Outing Club went to Arizona for the second week of spring break this year and had quite an adventure in the desert.  More ...


March 29, 2011   Congratulations to the Class of 2015!!!!  More ...

Socks and Spring Break

March 4, 2011   I finally won something in a lottery, and even though it wasn't a Clinton pottery mug, it's still rather exciting.  More ...

Just your typical week on the Hill

February 19, 2011   Yesterday it was warm enough that I could run outside in a t-shirt and shorts. Today it’s so cold that after walking from my dorm to Commons, I can’t feel my nose. And it’s incredibly windy. Looking out at Minor Field right now, it looks like a sandstorm in the desert, only white. And much colder.  More ...

Dissecting a tobacco hornworm

February 14, 2011   Today I realized that I am much more squeamish than I thought.  More ...