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It's like living in a snow globe

December 8, 2010   Winter has finally arrived!  More ...

Thanksgiving break: Homework, pie, and art

November 29, 2010   A recap of my Thanksgiving break, which included reading an excellent book, a tremendous amount of food, and an afternoon at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts.  More ...

Broken buzzers

November 14, 2010   I spent what was probably the last sunny day before snow arrives in the Annex participating in a trivia competition and having a marvelous time.  More ...

Yellow and green pins

November 10, 2010   I had a meeting to discuss study abroad the other day. I left the meeting with quite a bit to think about as I realized that I have absolutely no idea where on earth I want to live for a semester.  More ...

Dinosaur labels and bananagrams

November 7, 2010   I know it sounds rather silly, but I am super excited about the dinosaur sticker labels that arrived in the mail.  More ...