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Lessons learned outside the classrom

February 4, 2011   Under Hamilton’s snowy sky, students hustle about going from place to place. All of them learning how to keep their busy schedules manageable.  More ...

The 'undecided' major

January 31, 2011   One of the most important questions on my mind is what I will major in. I didn't seem to find any department that fulfilled all my needs. Luckily for me, Hamilton has other solutions for situations like this.  More ...


January 24, 2011   Hamilton on Ice! HamSkate was a late night event that joined students as they slid their way around Sage Ice Rink.  More ...

There and back again

January 17, 2011   After a warm and sunny 'winter' break, Nico returns to Hamilton for round 2 ½.  More ...

Snow on the Hill

December 10, 2010   

I love summer. I’m not a big fan of the snow. You’re probably asking yourselves: then why is he at Hamilton, the snow-capital of upstate NY?

  More ...