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Hime's Makin' a Meatloaf

March 23, 2010   An interview with 2702's favorite cat-wielding blog-lebrity, Hime.  More ...

Things I'll Be Doing Tomorrow

March 23, 2010   Leaving "things" plural is kind of ambitious for me, but I'm going to dream big.  More ...

Nothing but Apologies

March 16, 2010   I feel like that's all I do anymore, really.  More ...

I'm Not Really a Chanter

February 15, 2010   I don't know, something about a collective chant just unnerves me. A singalong, though, is a totally different story.  More ...

Pairs Figure Skating!

February 15, 2010   Trying to make the Olympics into a curriculum-relevant experience. Trying really hard.  More ...