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These Boots Were Made for Walking!

March 22, 2010   The one must have item of this season, well this year really; BOOTS! Yes I said it, boots. I swear, since my first month here I have noticed the obsession and wide variety of boots that these Spanish women pull off daily!  More ...

Tour De Tapas

March 22, 2010   This past Saturday I finally had the courage to go out on a tapas tour along the Calle Cava Baja located en el barrio La Latina.  More ...

A Tour of the Stadium

March 22, 2010   I guess after a few months of living someplace, you stop feeling like a tourist and start feeling like a native. I no longer feel the urge to go out and take a city tour, or buy some cool flamenco dress inspired apron because it “represents” Madrid.  More ...

New Year, New Semester and 46 New People!

February 4, 2010   

¡Bienvenidos a España!

  More ...


December 15, 2009   After so many glorious months I think I have forgotten what this stuff is!  More ...