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No Sweat

November 18, 2009   Congrats to the folks in Global Feminisms (402) who put on a fantastic presentation about the presence of sweatshops in the U.S.  More ...

Tomorrow -- today? -- I can't wait!

November 13, 2009   This is going to be a great day. READ THIS ENTRY -- implicitly, you'll understand a lot more about how Hamilton works. I think you'll like this.  More ...

A salad, a double order of fries, and a bit of friendship

October 25, 2009   

I've always loved how the community feeling at Hamilton matches how Hamilton actually is a tight community. When you're in a tight spot and the difference maker is a salad, a double order of fries, and a bit of friendship, you've probably got it on auto speed dial.

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Perspective from Beauty

October 19, 2009   

You know how "they" say that a picture is worth a thousand words?

Well, what about a memory? And what about a memory filled with perfect pictures? 

Last night, my mind wrote a book's worth of detail, and the words were optimistic and filled with meaning. The trees, the stars, the hills, look beautiful. The air feels great. It's good to be me.

It's good to be here. 

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Too Much Is Not Enough

October 4, 2009   Apparently I enjoy overloading myself with work. Really, I enjoy it.  More ...