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An Evening with Diplomats

May 12, 2010   A few weeks back, I was lucky enough to attend an excellent debate between two of the Hamilton Linowitz professors of government (both ambassadors) and then was invited afterward with a select group for dinner.  More ...

Wide Open Spaces

April 9, 2010   As a soon-to-be-graduating senior, a central question sits at the crux of all of my concerns: what comes next?  More ...

A belated congratulatory note

April 9, 2010   

Class of 2014 -- welcome to Hamilton. :)

  More ...

Acquiring Internships or Jobs While at Hamilton

February 4, 2010   A commentary on acquiring an internship and/or job while at Hamilton in your field of interest. I'd bet that most prospective Hamilton students will find this entry useful.  More ...

Dancing with Jiaozi

December 17, 2009   Beats and dumplings.  More ...