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Class #4: Sociology 323 - Seminar on Sexuality and Social Theory

December 9, 2008   My sociology course has only 10 students (a huge benefit of taking upper-level classes), and we sit around tables in a circle and talk for three hours every Thursday. We read a book for every class and relate it back to social theory  More ...

Class #3: Psychology 500 - Senior Project

December 9, 2008   My senior project group consists of eight senior psychology majors who are all working on theses. We give and get feedback from each other, and break up the huge project to work on one week at a time.  More ...

Class #2: Psychology 310 – Attention and Performance

November 29, 2008   "The selection and transformation of information from sensation and memory as they affect perception, learning, cognition and motor performance."

So what's the class actually about?  More ...

Class #1: Computer Science 105 – Explorations in Computer Science

November 27, 2008   I thought I’d start writing about the four classes I’m currently taking to give a snapshot on what my days are like at Hamilton. On Monday and Wednesday afternoons I have my computer science class.  More ...

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 27, 2008   Happy Turkey Day!  More ...