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Trivia Night

March 2, 2009   Tuesday nights: cutthroat competition in trivia in the hopes of winning eternal glory and TexMex gift certificates.  More ...


February 3, 2009   For the past three years, I've lived in the suites, which are two dorms on the dark side (south side) of campus. I've always had options to live in other places on campus, but I've grown attached to Babbitt, where I live now...  More ...

IM Ice Hockey

February 2, 2009   IM hockey has been a great opportunity for me to try out a sport I otherwise would have never gotten to play...  More ...

Back in the swing of things

February 2, 2009   I'm back to school after a long break, and things are already up and running.  More ...


December 11, 2008   I just finished running around campus to deliver recommendation packets to three faculty members that I've known the best since I've been at Hamilton. Most of the graduate schools I'm applying to required three recommendations (one being academic), so I had to think about who could write about the skills I've developed and the experiences I've had in college.  More ...