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Life Down the Hill

February 22, 2013   

Early morning hikes are not fun…but having your own bathroom is!

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Project SHINE

February 19, 2013   

I have been on the receiving end of second-language instruction for about three years now (seven years, if you include high school French classes), and now I am the one teaching!

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Snowshoeing - the Bright Side of New York Winters!

February 13, 2013   

I have a HOC (Hamilton Outdoor Club) trip coming up this weekend, which has reminded me that I never shared my last HOC experience!

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Mr. Hamilton Part 2!!!

February 12, 2013   

Sucessful night involving an acoustic Nicki Minaj performance, rifle-spinning, frat guys in ballerina costumes and YOURS TRULY...a HEAT performance! 

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HEAT + Mr. Hamilton

February 7, 2013   

Hip-hop Dance + Male beauty pageant  (make more sense now? probably not. guess you'll have to read the journal entry)...

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