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The Last Friday

May 10, 2013   

The last Friday of the year is upon us.  Over the coming weekend, I have papers to finish, presentations to prepare and a few finals to study for.  Most of my day will be focused on completing these assignments.  However, I will enjoy one brief respite from work: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are giving a concert on the Hill tonight!

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Evaluating a Semester

May 8, 2013   

The Dean of Faculty's office just released course evaluations for this semester.  Now is a good time to look back on the past few months and reflect.  Has it been a good semester?  Have classes been successful thus far?  The answer is most definitely yes.

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Finding the End of the Line

May 3, 2013   

Today, the track team has its last meet of the year--the first in a series of lasts that will mark these next few weeks.  My thoughts drift toward the summer, but I should remain focused on the present.  If the end of the year is anything, it is certainly busy.

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A Political Discourse

May 1, 2013   

Who knew that a fake campaign for an imaginary country would prove to be the most engaging exercise I have ever witnessed?  I just attended a public debate put on by the students in comparative politics class.  They created parties, policy platforms and even their own campaign ads to earn my vote.

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Long Week

April 26, 2013   

Three exams in four days--it has been a very long week.  My time has been occupied with reviewing old texts and studying my class notes; my mind has been buried in my books.  But the tireless studying paid off.  This week has been long and successful.

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